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Formerly Globalom Media Information . Communication . Publishing Agency Established in March 2009


International Charter

The International Press Syndicate Group is governed by the heads of the Group’s members and Bureau Chiefs as well as the editors within the framework of an international charter of the Global Cooperation Council.


For fair global governance, sustainability, a nuclear weapons-free world and a culture of peace


The GLOBAL COOPERATION COUNCIL is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit association with registered office in Berlin, Germany.


The purpose of the Council is to foster genuine international cooperation – a prerequisite of fair global governance – and a culture of peace – a precondition for building a sustainable global society.

It does so by promoting international understanding through all form of exchange between cultural and scientific institutions of the South and North.

This exchange is achieved in particular through:

  • contacts that members of the association may have
  • the preparation of proposals for official cultural and exchange programmes
  • through cooperation with all organisations sharing the purpose of the Council
  • serving as a platform for dialogue within the framework of HANDS (Human Development Services)
  • circulars such as newsletters and publications, as well as an institutional website

The Council is a non-profit entity and may not be used for the purposes of obtaining personal benefit, economic or otherwise.


Members of the association are natural or legal persons who are willing to promote the Council's purpose.

Applications for membership are submitted in writing to the Board, which is the authority for approving membership.


Council funding is through annual contributions, donations or grants.

The Council's funds may only be used for pursuance of its purpose.

In their capacity as members of the Council, persons are not entitled to any payments from the Council.

Statutory Bodies

The following are the Council's main statutory bodies:

  • General Assembly (of members), which elects members of the Executive Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Advisory Board
  • Audit Committee (optional)

The General Assembly may set up committees for specific tasks and the Executive Board may establish task forces.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of member elects the Executive Committee and endorses:

  • the annual report of the Executive Committee
  • the Council's financial statements

The AGM takes decisions by a simple majority vote. Each member has one vote.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of at least two and not more than seven people.

It is elected by a resolution of the AGM for two years.

Audit Committee

The AGM may appoint one or more persons to audit the Council's accounts and monitor its activities.


The Council may only be dissolved through a decision of the AGM at an extraordinary general meeting convened by the Executive Committee.

A majority of three-fourths of the members present or represented by proxy is necessary.

In the event of dissolution, any assets of the Council will be transferred to the German Red Cross, which will use these directly and exclusively for charitable purposes in the Third World.


The statutes of the German organisation GLOBAL COOPERATION COUNCIL (Nord-Süd-Forum) e.V. registered in Berlin are available here.


The Council currently partners with: