International Press Syndicate

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Formerly Globalom Media Information . Communication . Publishing Agency Established in March 2009


Our Structure

The International Press Syndicate Group is a global news organisation, established in Canada and Germany in March 2009 as Globalom Media Information, Communication and Publishing Agency, with IDN-InDepthNews as its flagship.

The Group comprises independent INPS organisations and Bureaus around the world.

International Press Syndicate has been registered in:

  • Canada as International Press Syndicate
  • Germany as International Press Syndicate
  • Japan as International Press Syndicate Japan
  • Singapore as INPS Southeast Asia, and with the
  • United Nations in New York.

 The Group has Regional Bureaus in:

  • Johannesburg for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Cairo for Middle East and North Africa
  • New Delhi and Chennai for South Asia
  • Sydney for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific
  • Quito for Latin America
  • Brussels for European Union
  • Paris for France (OECD and UNESCO)

All Group members are encouraged to raise funds through issue-based joint media projects for running regional operations.

Governance: The International Press Syndicate Group is governed by its regional heads within the framework of an international charter of the Global Cooperation Council. An honorary Director General coordinates the Group’s activities and also functions as the Editor-in-Chief.

The Board of Advisors, with expertise in the fields of world peace, justice and human rights, provide valuable guidance to the Group.