Securing ACP Economic Interests After BREXIT

By Dr. Patrick I. Gomes, ACP Secretary-General

Following are extensive excerpts from a presentation by the ACP Secretary-General during launch of the book AFTER BREXIT – SECURING ACP ECONOMIC INTERESTS by The Ramphal Institute on February 17, 2017 at King’s College London.

BRUSSELS (ACP-IDN) – Eight months have passed since the British voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. A lot has since been written and debated on the impact and implications of the vote. This is yet another occasion to join the discourse on BREXIT and to acknowledge and appreciate the work done by the Ramphal Institute by this seminal study.

The book provides pertinent insights and additional intellectual ammunition for ACP countries and their allies to continue their preparation to secure the trade and economic interests of the ACP Group of States. This is fundamental for the reality of trade to be a powerful instrument in the eradication of poverty. This is a battle and on-going struggle at the heart of the ACP’s raison détre. Continue reading

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