UNEP Invites IDN-INPS Correspondent Stella Paul

Award winning Stella Paul, IDN-INPS roving correspondent in South Asia, was part of an international journalists’ team invited by the UNEP to Sri Lanka. “The journalists were selected for this trip on the basis of their prior reporting excellence and experience,” she says.

She filed for us an absorbing report on a theme that usually escapes general attention, a report on how the world’s only vegetarian sea mammal, the dugong living at a depth of 5-15 meters, feeding on sea grass, is being saved from extinction by resorting to hi-tech such as drones. Dugong’s natural habitat is vast – stretching from Eritrea in East Africa to Vanuatu in the Pacific.

Enjoy reading: In Sri Lanka’s Deep Waters, Marine Conservation Goes Hi-Tech

Stella Paul, an eminent freelance journalist, is Lead Ambassador: World Pulse and winner of

IWMF Courage in Journalism Award 2016 and of the

Asian Environmental Journalism Awards 2015, 2014 & 2013

She is available on: Twitter: @stellasglobe .Facebook: Stella.Paul Blog: Stella’s Musings

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