In Astana with Nuclear Disarmament Expert Tariq Rauf

Tariq Rauf, former Director of SIPRI’s Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme, explains in an interview with IDN-INPS Editor-in-Chief the ‘old’ and ‘new’ nuclear dangers confronting the world, and reveals how and why the 65-nation UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva remains blocked for nearly two decades.

Because each of the 65 members exercises veto, the CTBT has not entered into force after 21 years. He also looks at North Korea and describes the difficulties on way to the Middle East becoming a nuclear weapons and WMD free zone. Venue of the interview during the Pugwash Conference on ‘Confronting New Nuclear Dangers’ (August 25-29, 2017) was the Radisson Hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan.

WATCH VIDEO > Disarmament Talk with Non-proliferation Expert Tariq Rauf


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