Japanese Parliamentarians Commemorate 160th Birth Anniversary of Ozaki Yukio

INPS-IDN has captured in this video celebrations on the occasion of the 160th birth anniversary of Ozaki Yukio (Gakudo) (1858-1954), considered the father of Japan’s constitutional democracy. The event was organized by the Ozaki Memorial Foundation at the Parliamentary Memorial Hall on October 19, 2018. Tadamori Oshima, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is honorary Chairperson of the Foundation. Former Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura presides over the Foundation’s Board Members.

Over 120 participants including members of both houses, local assembly members as well as members of Gakudo Juku (Study Group on Ozaki Gakudo), of ‘Issatsu no kai’ (One Book Association) and of NPO Gakudo Kofu (NGO based in Ise City and tasked with administration of the Ozaki Memorial House, goodwill exchange programs with the US Cherry Blossom Queens and a wide range of educational activities) participated in the event.

Congratulatory messages received from Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, Yukio Edano, the leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and Kenichi Suzuki, Mayor of Ise City were read out. They and parliamentarians who spoke during the celebrations paid warm tributes to Ozaki Yukio’s long-lasting contributions to Japan’s constitutional democracy. (INPS-IDN November 2018)

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