Reconnecting with Tokyo

Ramesh Jaura, Editor-in-Chief and Director-General of INPS and its flagship agency IDN-InDepthNews, spent five days (24-29 November 2019) to personally reconnect with long-term media partners in Tokyo, the Soka Gakkai International (SGI).

In warm-hearted meetings with Mr. Hirotsugu Terasaki, SGI Director-General, Peace and Global Issues, and Vice President and Chair of the Peace Committee of Soka Gakkai – with whom the first contact was established in 2009 – Ramesh Jaura was accompanied by Katsuhiro Asagiri, INPS Japan President, Multimedia Director of INPS.

We had equally warm-hearted meetings with Mr. Tamotsu Sugiyama, Vice President, Executive Director, International Office of Public Information, Soka Gakkai and his team headed by Ms. Yoshiko Matsumoto.

An additional highlight was Ramesh Jaura’s presentation on ‘The Role of Media in Contemporary Society’ at the Soka Gakkai World Seikyo Center in Tokyo, with about 100 professional journalists and communication experts in attendance, and another on ‘Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change: Turning Ambitious Goals into Action’ at the Soka Gakkai Kanagawa Peace Center in Yokohama to about 100 youth.

Ramesh Jaura wrapped up his weeklong visit by reconnecting with Mr. Keiji Endo, an expert on environmentally sustainable transport initiative known as ‘Green Eco Project’, and INPS Japan board members Mr. Shigekazu Kobayashi, a lawyer, and Mr. Takaaki Ishida, Secretary General of the Ozaki Yukio Memorial Foundation.

Watch the following videos:

Presentation by Ramesh Jaura, DG & Editor-in-Chief of INPS in Tokyo on 26 November 2019. >

Presentation by Ramesh Jaura, DG & Editor-in-Chief of INPS in Yokohama, on 27 November 2019. >

Since his visit coincided with the Pope Francis’s visit to Japan and the conference on death penalty, IDN-INPS carried an in-depth report and a viewpoint.

Below are the links:
Papal Visit to Japan Revives Debate About Death Penalty

Defeating Hatred: For a World Without Death Penalty, a viewpoint by Mr. Adama Dieng, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide. [IDN-InDepthNews – in December 2019]

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